Adjusting & Editing Tooth Number Mid-Appointment

This article contains an overview and video instructions for adjusting or editing the tooth number for a restoration after you've started scanning, mid-appointment. 

Video Tutorial:

Instructions for Adjusting/Editing:

  1. Select the Case button in the top portion of the scanning menu to access a dropdown menu.
  2. Select the Restoration & Tooth # (i.e. Crown 3) that we originally input when setting up the case. 
  3. Select the pencil icon to the right of of the tooth number.
  4. Click the tooth on the tooth chart that is shaded in in order to de-select it.
  5. Click the tooth on the chart that we are actually treating.
    • (In the video tutorial, we de-selected tooth #3 and selected tooth #2 to make the adjustment)
  6. Select the Save button.
  7. Select the Confirm change button.


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