Swap Scan Tool

This article contains an overview and video instructions for using the Swap Scan Tool. This tool is used when the arches are scanned in the incorrect scan menus (i.e. the upper arch is accidentally scanned in the lower arch scan menu in the software). The Swap Scan Tool allows you to correct this action, swapping the scans into their proper scan menus.

Video Tutorial:

Instructions for use:

  1. Scan both arches completely before using the tool. The Swap Scan Tool requires both arches be scanned in, regardless of their designated scan menus to make the swap.
  2. Select the Swap button on the right panel. 
    • Screen
  3. Select Swap scan when asked to confirm this action.
    • Screen
  4. Your lower arch scan is now swapped into its proper scan menu as will the upper arch scan.


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