How to Start a New Case

The video and instructions in this article review the sequence for starting a new case including how to add patient information, how to select the restoration/prosthesis you will be scanning for, and how to add other details related to your appointment.

Instructions for Starting a New Case:

  1. Select the Start button on the home page near the title Start a case.
  2. Input your patient's first and last name followed by their gender and date of birth. Click Create & Continue.
    • If you are practicing scanning, use the name Training Training for your practice patient.
  3. Select the category for the scan you will be completing (i.e. Fixed Restorations, Dentures, Implant Solutions, etc.)
  4. Select the specific restoration or prosthesis for this appointment on the subsequent menu.

  5. Select the tooth/teeth number and/or arch/arches when prompted based on your appointment. Once selected, click Next.

  6. If prompted, select the material for your future restoration or prosthesis. Click Next.

  7. If prompted, select the shade for your future restoration or prosthesis. Click Add to Order.

  8. From the menu that appears, select the most appropriate next step --

    1. Start scanning (to advance to your scanning menus)

    2. Add another item (to add an additional item to your order)

    3. Edit restoration/prosthesis (to update/edit any information that you entered regarding tooth number, material, shade, etc.)


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Need other navigation help?

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