How to Attach Photos, X-rays, & Files to Orders

The videos and instructions in this article review the sequences for attaching photos, x-rays, and files to your orders both prior to submitting your order and after.

Attaching Prior to Submitting Order on Lab Slip:


  1. In the Order menu, navigate to the final page before placing your order. This menu is accessible after you've completed all of your scans for your appointment.
  2. Click either Upload Files or Upload from your phone.
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen for either option, attaching the desired photos, x-rays, or scans.

Attaching Files and Photos After Submitting Order:

Figma-✅-_-Control-panel-_timeline-actions_-Spec_-Orders-Detail-27-June-2023 (1).gif


  1. Locate the Track your orders menu on the Chairside home page or in the Dandy Portal. 
  2. Click the patient name whose order you wish to add an attachment.
  3. In the bottom right hand corner under "Quick order actions", select Edit or add order information button, and then "Attach photo or file" on the subsequent menu.
  4. To upload from your mobile device, open your mobile device camera and scan the QR Code to open the page on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can choose Select files to upload files directly from your computer. 
    Scherm_afbeelding 2023-06-27 om 09.35.47.png

  5. Follow the prompts to Upload photos from your mobile device:
    1. Select Add photos
    2. Select the photos you wish to add; review the photos you have attached. To remove a photo, tap on it to delete it.
    3. Once all photos are selected, click Finish and return to your laptop. 
    Scherm_afbeelding 2023-04-11 om 09.49.42 (1).png

  6. Once your files are uploaded, you can review them on the right hand side of the same screen:
  7. Click Continue and then select the correct category for each file you have attached. This will ensure our technicians understand how to process each file: Scherm_afbeelding 2023-06-27 om 09.36.26.png

  8. Once all files are categorized, select Upload. The files will then be saved to your order and you can view all files and attachments in the Timeline on the right-hand side of the screen.


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