Try-in Denture is Too Tight

If you are completing the denture try-in appointment and the try-in denture is too tight and requires significant adjustments, please use the following steps to ensure the next try-in and/or final denture is correct. 

  • Note: If it is preferred, you may aggressively relieve the entirety of the intaglio surface and take a new wash impression. Just follow the steps in the Try-in Denture is Too Loose or Rocking article after relieving the denture.

Step by Step Process 

  1. Apply pressure-indicating paste (PIP) to the intaglio of the try-in denture.
  2. Insert try-in and have the patient go through muscle movements.
  3. Remove try-in denture from the patient’s mouth and adjust any areas that show blanching or displacement of the PIP.
  4. Repeat until optimal fit has been achieved.
  5. Remove any residual PIP using soap, warm water, and a denture brush.
  6. Scan try-in denture(s) extraorally 360 degrees (Upper and/or Lower)
    • No wash impression is needed.
  7. If applicable, scan the opposing arch (Upper or Lower) intraorally.
  8. Scan the full arch bite extraorally or scan the left and right bite intraorally.

Please proceed through all the steps outlined in the Denture Try-in Guide to provide your detailed feedback so we can complete your case. 

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