Practice Scanning Using Wellness Scans in Chairside

Dandy's Digital Fast Track pre-training session on wellness scans is an essential step to complete before your live training. This guide and video will familiarize you with your Dandy scanner and the wellness scan feature, ensuring you can achieve high-quality scans for outstanding patient outcomes.

Video Tutorial


Tips for Successful Scans

  • Dry and Clear Surfaces:
    • Ensure adjoining tooth surfaces are smooth and dry for optimal scanning.
  • Methodical Scanning:
    • Slow and thorough scanning ensures comprehensive data capture.
  • Review in HD:
    • Utilize the "HD Scans" feature in Chairside for a detailed review, ensuring interproximal contacts are well captured.

Step 1 - Starting Your Wellness Scan

  • Initiate the scan:
    • Begin by locating the green start button on the left-hand side of the page, just above the scanner.
  • Enter patient information:
    • For practice scans, label your patient as "Training" followed by your name (e.g., Training Erica) to identify your practice scans easily.
  • Fill in additional details:
    • Input a gender and birth date. For practice purposes, any data can be entered here.

Step 2 - Setting Up Your Case

Navigate to the case setup page and select "wellness scans" for practice.

  • Select the "dual arches" option to cover the entirety of the model we provided.
  • Select "Add to Order" and then "Start Scanning" to go to the scanning page.

Step 3 - Executing the Scan

  • Lower Arch Scan:
    • Begin with the occlusal surface, moving to the lingual and then the buccal surface.
    • Hold the scanner like a pencil and guide it gently across the surfaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Upper Arch Scan:
    • Flip your mirror tip over to prevent distortions and repeat the scanning process, focusing on occlusal, lingual, and buccal surfaces.
  • Bite Scans:
    • Capture both sides of the patient’s bite, ensuring the scanner covers the posterior molars up to the anteriors.

Step 4 - Reviewing Your Scans

  • Use the tools provided (e.g., Upper and Lower buttons) to maneuver around your scans, view single arches, and identify missing areas or inaccuracies.
  • Spot scan as needed to fill in holes or incomplete data.

Step 5 - Saving Your Scans

Please save your scans, which will be stored under the Patients tab on the Chairside homepage and assigned to your training profile for later review.


Practicing wellness scans with your Dandy scanner is key to becoming proficient in scanning. We encourage multiple practice sessions to become comfortable with the scanning process. If you have any questions or need further assistance, contact our support team to help you succeed in scanning.

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