Denture Wash Impression Technique

If you are scanning for a new denture using the patient’s existing denture, please use the following steps to capture an accurate wash impression for the 360 scan. 

Note: If wash impression material is not readily available, a soft liner may be placed instead to act as the anatomical reference for the new denture. 

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1 - Thoroughly clean the denture to remove any debris or residue 

Step 2 - Apply a small amount of tray adhesive to the denture base

This helps the impression material adhere to the surface. (optional)

Step 3 - Dispense the impression material onto the surface of the denture base (medium or light body depending on the retention need)

Start at the posterior region and work your way forward. 

Step 4 - Smooth areas with a dental spatula and extend wash material to the border

Step 5 - Ensure the entire surface of the denture base is covered 

Step 6 - Have the patient bite down into the impression material

Ensure the material is evenly distributed and covers all areas of the denture.

Complete any border molding movements with the patient so that the designer can assess if the border needs to be extended.

Step 7 - Allow the impression material to set according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Step 8 - Once the impression material has set, remove the denture from the patient’s mouth

Inspect the impression for any defects or bubbles. 

Step 9 - Trim any excess wash material overlapping onto the anatomical landmarks of the denture

Step 10 - Dry the impression thoroughly with a clean towel or compressed air. 

To continue, proceed through all the steps outlined in the Recommended Scan Paths for Complete Dentures to capture an adequate 360 scan.

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