Getting Started with Dandy's Chairside Software

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to your Chairside software homepage. This central hub is designed to streamline your workflow, from case initiation to equipment maintenance.

Left Side Panel

  • Start Button: Initiates new cases with a prominent green icon.
  • Calibration Feature: Access the calibration button to provide an instructional guide for your weekly scanner maintenance routine.

Central Panel

  • Notifications: The central area of the homepage keeps you informed about new messages and alerts, which are crucial to review daily for updates on submitted scans and orders.

Right Side Panel

  • Live Cases and Lab Slips: Here, you can view active cases—a simple click of the patient's last name grants detailed lab slip information access.

Top Bar Navigation

  • Homepage: Click on the house icon in the top left corner to return to the homepage.
  • Orders Access: Click on the 'Orders' tab in the top left corner to pull up detailed digital lab slips of your cases.
  • Patient Database: Click on the 'Patients' tab in the top left corner to search through your patients and find detailed digital lab slips of their cases.
  • Order Supplies: Click on the 'Supplies' tab in the top left corner to order implant parts for your cases and additional digital dentistry supplies and marketing materials through the Dandy Shop.

  • Chat with Us: In the top left corner, the 'Chat' tab opens communication channels with clinical support specialists.
    • Note: To learn more about how to contact our customer support services, check out our article, Contact Us.

The homepage of your Chairside software is thoughtfully designed for intuitive navigation, ensuring you can manage your daily tasks efficiently and easily. Familiarize yourself with each section to maximize the use of your Chairside software.

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