Customize Your Experience with Profiles in the Dandy Portal

This article serves as a guide to the profile features available in the Dandy Portal, covering everything from your clinical preferences and notifications to order reviews. Each feature plays a crucial role in customizing your experience with Dandy. 

Clinical Preferences

Feature Overview: A dedicated section for setting and updating your clinical preferences, influencing the specifications and outcomes of your orders.


Feature Overview: Customize how you receive notifications from Dandy, including email and SMS alert options. This feature ensures you stay informed about important updates and queries regarding your orders.

Order Reviews

Feature Overview: A feature for submitting reviews on each order, enabling personalized adjustments based on your specific preferences, which is particularly important in the initial phase of using Dandy services.

Setting Up Additional Profiles

All staff interacting with Dandy must have profiles in the Dandy Portal to take full advantage of this customization.

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