Steps to Fix a Disconnected Trios 3 Scanner in Chairside

The article below will walk through the steps to recognize, diagnose, and fix a disconnected Trios 3 scanner in Chairside. 

Recognizing Your Scanner is Disconnected

If a scanner is disconnected in Chairside, you will see the following warnings:

  • A red circle and 'Scanner not connected' on the homepage, below the 'Start an order' option.


  • On the scanning pages, A red 'X' over the picture of the scanner and a 'Scanner disconnected' message. 


Diagnosing and Fixing the Connection

Step 1 - Ethernet Cable Connection

Ensure the scanner's ethernet cable is connected directly to the laptop's ethernet port. If you are using Dandy's laptop, this will be on the left-hand side. Below is an image of the scanner ethernet cable provided by Dandy. 


Note: Do not use the ethernet to USB adapter to connect your scanner. Below is an image of the ethernet to USB adapter.


Step 2 - Check the Scanner Base Light

The scanner base light should be green, indicating a proper connection. 


  • If the base light is off, please proceed to step 3.

Step 3 - Check Power Connection

If the base light is off, ensure all power connections are secure. You can do so by checking the following: 

  • The power cable is connected to the scanner base
  • The power adapter cable is connected to the power brick, and the outlet is active. If connected and active, will see a green light on the brick. 


If the power connection is working properly and your Trios 3 scanner is still not connected, please proceed to step 4.

Step 4 - Reconnect Your Entire Setup

  • Disconnect and reconnect the scanner power brick and the scanner base. 


  • Disconnect and reconnect the scanner ethernet cable from the scanner base and laptop. 


  • Disconnect and reconnect the scanner wand to the base. 


  • Perform a full restart of the laptop

Note: After following these steps please all 1 minute for Chairside to show as 'Scanner Connected'. 

If this does not resolve your connection issues, please contact our IT support team. 

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