Try-in Denture Aesthetic Issues

If you completing the denture try-in appointment and the try-in denture's aesthetics are not correct, please follow the following steps to ensure the next try-in and/or final denture is correct. 

Some aesthetic issues can be solved using adjustments

  • For example - if the Incisal edge is too long, adjust it to the desired length

However, most aesthetic issues will require photos with the appliance in and detailed notes in order to resolve.

  • Use a black magic marker when desired to make markings on the try-in before taking photos.
    • New midline mark
    • high smile line mark

If there are no issues with the bite relationship, VDO, or fit, then no scans are required.

Please proceed through all the steps outlined in the Denture Try-in Guide to provide your detailed feedback so we can complete your case. 

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