Try-in Denture Aesthetic Issues

If you are completing the denture try-in appointment and the try-in denture's aesthetics are not correct, please use the following steps to ensure the next try-in and/or final denture is correct. 

Making Adjustments

Some aesthetic issues can be solved using adjustments

  • For example - if the Incisal edge is too long, adjust it to the desired length

Taking Photographs

However, most aesthetic issues will require photos with the appliance in and detailed notes to resolve.

  • Use a black magic marker when desired to make markings on the try-in before taking photos.
    • New midline mark
    • High smile line mark

Note: No scans are required if there are no issues with the bite relationship, VDO, or fit.

Please proceed through all the steps outlined in the Denture Try-in Guide to provide your detailed feedback so we can complete your case. 

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