Chairside Retainers for Dandy Aligners Case Workflow

The following workflow applies to patients receiving a retainer who have completed Dandy Aligner treatment. Refer to our article on the Dandy Aligner Plans for more details on which plans and how many retainers are included with your treatment plan.

  • Note: For patients who have NOT completed Dandy Aligner treatment, follow the Retainer Workflow.

The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for our retainer for a Dandy Aligners case workflow. Please be sure to review our Retainer Scanning Best Practices article before proceeding.

Retainer Material Options

Retainers that come with Dandy Aligner cases CAN NOT be substituted for any other material/thickness. The aligner retainer plan includes Zendura A material in a standard 1mm thickness that can not be changed/altered.

  • Note: Please adhere to the Retainer Workflow if you prefer to use an appliance or material not covered under the Dandy Aligners plan.

Step 1 - Select the Patient

  • Search for the existing patient case using either the patient name or order ID
  • Select the active case associated with the orthodontic order.
  • Scroll down to the retainer section that is present under the orthodontic treatment plan viewer.
    • The Inventory section to the right of the screen will show the retainer order history.


Step 2 - Select Your Scan Option

  • Once the "Order Retainer" button is selected, you will be prompted to "Start from scan" to collect a new scan or to "Start from last step" to use the last treatment plan step.
    • Note: If your patient still has attachments present, we can digitally remove those in the fabrication process. However, we recommend caution in removing the attachments with no retainers to deliver to prevent relapse in treatment. 


Step 3 - Scan Your Patient

  • Follow the scanning sequence: Lower Arch > Upper Arch > Bite > Submit order.
    • TIP: The distal surfaces of the posterior teeth must be completely captured. 
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