Starting a Case for an Existing Patient with a Recent Case


In Chairside, if you start a case for a patient that Dandy has delivered a case for within the last month, you will see those recent cases. 

We give you the choice to "Refabricate" that case, or "Order something new".


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  • Refabricate: If something went wrong with the previous case, like a shade or fit issue, Dandy has a dedicated refab workflow that guides you step-by-step and may ask you to rescan.

    Note: You can also submit a refabrication through the Dandy Portal. Learn more about this in the article, How to Submit a Refabrication in the Practice Portal

  • Order something new: If you would like to start an entirely new case, select this option

If you proceed with a new case and Chairside recognizes it is similar to the previous cases, it will ask you one more time if this is a refabrication request. Feel free to click "Continue as a new order" if this is not a refabrication request.


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