Starting a Case for an Existing Patient with a Recent Case

In Chairside, if you start a case for a patient that Dandy has delivered a case for within the last month, you will see those recent cases. 

Dandy gives you the choice to 'Refabricate' that case, or 'Order something new'


Continuation step.png


If something went wrong with the previous case, like a shade or fit issue, Dandy has a dedicated refab workflow that guides you step-by-step and may ask you to rescan.

Order Something New

If you would like to start an entirely new case, select this option

New Case

If you proceed with a new case and Chairside recognizes it is similar to the previous cases, it will ask you one more time if this is a refabrication request. Feel free to click 'Continue as a new order' if this is not a refabrication request.


Case setup.png


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