Full Denture Try-in Guide


In the checkout flow for your patient's denture, you will have the choice to fabricate your denture straight-to-finish or you can start with a Try-in

If you choose Try-in, you will see instructions on how to proceed once the try-in arrives. We will also send you an email with these instructions for the next steps.

  1. Evaluate the try-in’s fit &, aesthetics, and phonetics
  2. On the order page, look for the “Review Try-in” banner to proceed with next steps.
  3. If fit, VDO, bite, or teeth shape changes are needed, you’ll have to re-scan
  4. Simply schedule the next appointment and we’ll handle the rest. 

You will then proceed with the rest of your order and wait for the try-in to arrive. 

Note: Denture try-ins are done with a Monolithic Try-In. This is an off-white 3D-printed denture to mimic the final prosthesis without wasting costly denture teeth. (see below for a picture)

Dandy_r1_SEA_1426 (1).jpg

Dandy will now deliver the try-in to your practice. 

Try-in Appointment

Review the try-in with your patient for fit, aesthetics and phonetics. We recommend bringing up the order page in Chairside while the patient is in the chair.

You will see a banner on the order that will guide you through the next steps. (see below)


If everything looks good, you can let your patient go and proceed by clicking the “Try-in is perfect - Proceed with final fabrication” button. 

Your patient’s final denture will now enter production!

If changes are necessary, proceed by clicking the “Try-in is unsatisfactory. Request changes” button.

Providing Feedback

You will now provide your feedback to Dandy in a guided, step-by-step process. You will first start by providing feedback on both arches of the try-in denture. Below are the categories of feedback available for each arch:

  • Teeth length
    • Make longer (1mm increments)
    • Make shorter (1mm increments)
  • Midline*
    • Shift right (1mm increments)
    • Shift left (1mm increments)
    • Upload reference photo
  • Teeth shade
    • Change shade
  • Tissue/gum shade
    • Change shade
    • Adjust stippling
    • Adjust festooning
  • Retention and/or fit*
    • Adjust retention (tighten vs loosen)
    • Adjust extensions (reduce vs extend)
  • VDO*
    • Close bite (1mm increments)
    • Open bite (1mm increments)
  • Bite*
    • Change bite class
  • Teeth shape
    • Add reference photo
  • Other

As always, you will also have the opportunity to provide open-ended feedback however you see it. 

Decide Next Steps

Next, you will decide on how you would prefer to proceed with the case. You have two options:

  1. Proceed to final fabrication - You’’ receive the final denture with all requested changes.
  2. Request a new try-in - You’ll receive a new try-in with all requested changes.

Review & Submit

Finally, you will review your feedback, make any necessary edits, and rescan the patient if any structural changes are needed.

*You will be prompted to re-scan the patient if any structural changes are needed to the denture. This will occur if you provide feedback within the Midline, Retention and/or fit, VDO, or Bite sections of the feedback walkthrough.

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