What should you do if your practice will be closed?

If your practice is temporarily closing for some reason (vacation, illness, etc.), please let us know by contacting our support team. 

Orders in Production

We are happy to place any orders that are still in production on hold until you are ready for us to ship them.

Shipped Orders in Transit

For orders that have already shipped, unfortunately, Dandy can not adjust the delivery date ourselves, however, your practice can set this up directly on the FedEx website. 

  1. To start, please visit the FedEx Delivery Manager website - https://www.fedex.com/fdmenrollment/.
  2. Once you are on the site, please click “Sign up for free”. If you already have an account, please click “Sign in.”
  3. Once logged in, click to view your profile.
  4. Once on your profile, you can add a vacation hold by clicking on the view / edit instructions under your delivery address.

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