Scan Body Guide

A scan body is a type of digital impression post constructed from titanium, primarily used for radiographic verification. While certain scan bodies are designed to withstand autoclaving for repeated use, others are intended for single use only. It is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's instructions as outlined in the IFU (Instructions for Use).

How Does a Scan Body Work?

The scanner captures the scan body's geometry, providing our software with the exact location of the implant fixture, its timing, and its relationship to the surrounding dentition. 

How can I Verify Proper Seating

An X-ray is the best way to confirm the scan body is properly seated. 

Review fully seated and common improperly seated examples for Conical and Internal Hex below: 

Is Your Scan Body Improperly Seated?

Review the common causes and their solutions.

Need to Order a Scan Body?

Follow the instructions in our "How to Order a Scan Body" article to place your order.

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