Chairside Clear Aligner Workflow

The following workflow applies to patients receiving Clear Aligners Powered by Dandy. 

The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for our clear aligners workflow. Please be sure to review our Clear Aligner Scanning Best Practices article before proceeding. 

Case Setup

  • Choose the "Ortho" option when you go to set up your case.
  • Within "Ortho," select "Aligners."
  • You will then be prompted to select the arch/arches you intend to treat.

Patient Scanning

  • Follow the scanning sequence: Lower Arch > Upper Arch > Bite > Patient Photos & X-ray > Submit Order
  • Capturing the arch scans accurately and completely is essential for the fabrication of accurately fitting aligners.
  • Be sure that the bite scan reflects the patient's natural bite.
  • Proceed to the "Ordering" menu.

Add Photos

Photos should be captured prior to placing your order. Please check out our article, How to Take Clinical Photos for Your Aligner Case, if you need support capturing clinical photos. Below is a list of the required photos:

  • Left bite
  • Right bite
  • Front bite (head-on)
  • Lower occlusal (occlusal view of the entire lower arch)
  • Upper occlusal (occlusal view of the entire upper arch)
  • Portrait (patient smiling)
  • Portrait (patient not smiling, straight-faced)
  • Side View (profile of patient, straight-faced)

Follow the prompts on the screen to upload the required photos using either your smartphone or laptop.

Add X-Rays

Follow the prompts on the screen to upload the required x-ray using either your smartphone or laptop (only one of the listed options):

  • Pano (Preferred)
  • FMX
  • Lateral Ceph

Submit Case

  • Specify which arch you are treating and whether you are treating the full arch or anteriors only.
  • Select whether you wish to restrict the movement of any teeth.
  • Select whether you wish to restrict the placement of attachments.
  • Select whether you are performing any extractions.
  • Select how you wish to treat any spacing present.
  • Select how you wish to resolve any crowding present (expansion, proclination, IPR).
  • Select how you wish to treat the bite.
  • Allow Dandy to generate an estimated treatment plan.
    • The finalized treatment plan will be sent to you within 4 business days.
  • Place your order.

Approve of Revise the Treatment Plan

  • Before the case can enter fabrication it is necessary to accept or revise the treatment plan.
  • Once the treatment plan has been approved the case will enter fabrication.
  • On the day of approval the total price of the treatment plan will be charged to the practice.
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