Immediate Denture Step-by-Step Appointment Guide

This article includes the step-by-step appointment guide for scanning for an immediate denture.

Immediate Denture Workflow

The following workflow is applicable for patients with existing dentition

  1. Scan and Order - Scan upper and lower arches and capture bite.
  2. Seat - Seat the new denture.

To be used for the following clinical scenarios:

√ Post extraction to fabricate a healing denture.

Scan Lower (Intraoral)

√ On the scan page, select “Intraoral.”

√ Start scanning from the retromolar area (as far back as possible), focusing on the lingual aspect of the ridge and proceed towards the midline.

√ At midline, move back towards the retromolar area focusing on the buccal. Stop the scanner after one side is fully captured and allow the scanner to process.

√ Remove any accumulated saliva in patient’s mouth.

√ Restart scanning from the midline and proceed towards the opposite retromolar area, again focusing on the lingual aspect of the ridge. Get as far back as possible.

√ Come back around on the buccal aspect of the ridge, and pause at midline.

√ Inspect the scan and trim any unwanted parts (i.e. gloves, excess layers, etc.). Scan again if any area is missing data.

Scan Upper (Intraoral)

√ Select “Intraoral.”

√ Start from the tuberosity area of one side and proceed along the lingual towards the opposite side, capture as far back as possible.

√ Come back to midline and scan the palate using side to side movements. Pause scanner & let the scanner process.

√ Proceed to buccal starting on the back of one side towards the midline, pause after capture one side.

√ Resume at midline and scan other side.

√ Similar to before, trim any excess and re-scan any missing data.

Scan Bite (Intraoral)

√ Capture the bite using the existing dentition, allowing for the software to line up the upper and lower jaws (listen for the confirmation sound).

Take photos of the patient (highly recommended)

√ A head on photo with the patient smiling naturally.

√ 2 profile pictures (1 from each side) with the patient smiling naturally.

√ [If possible] A head on photo of the patient with cheek retractors in place.

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