Chairside Immediate Denture Workflow

The following workflow applies to patients receiving an immediate denture following the extraction of all of their dentition on one / both arches.

Patient Selection Criteria

  • Can establish a VDO and/or bite with current dentition
  • Requires a complete denture immediately post-extraction

If your patient requires the use of a wax rim to establish an accurate VDO and/or bite, please follow the appropriate workflow article based on the software program you are using:

Scanning Best Practices

The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for our immediate denture workflow. Please ensure to review our scanning guides before proceeding:


Patient Scans

Lower (mandibular) arch

  • On the scan page, select “Lower”.
  • Start scanning from the retromolar area (as far back as possible), focusing on the lingual aspect of the ridge, and proceed towards the midline.
  • At midline, move back towards the retromolar area focusing on the buccal. Stop the scanner after one side is fully captured and allow the scanner to process.
  • Remove any accumulated saliva in patient’s mouth.
  • Restart scanning from the midline and proceed towards the opposite retromolar area, again focusing on the lingual aspect of the ridge.
    • Get as far back as possible.
  • Come back around on the buccal aspect of the ridge, and pause at midline.
  • Inspect the scan and trim any unwanted parts (i.e. gloves, excess layers, etc.).
    • Scan again if any area is missing data.

Upper (maxillary) arch

  • Select “Upper”.
  • Start from the tuberosity area of one side and proceed along the lingual towards the opposite side, capturing as far back as possible.
  • Come back to midline and scan the palate using side to side movements. Pause scanner & let the scanner process.
  • Proceed to buccal starting on the back of one side towards the midline, pause after capture one side.
  • Resume at midline and scan other side.
  • Similar to before, trim any excess and re-scan any missing data.

Scan Bite (Intraoral)

  • Capture the bite using the existing dentition, allowing for the software to line up the upper and lower jaws (listen for the confirmation sound).

Patient Photos (Highly Recommended)

  • A head-on photo with the patient smiling naturally.
  • 2 profile pictures (1 from each side) with the patient smiling naturally.
  • [If possible] A head-on photo of the patient with cheek retractors in place.


Deliver Immediate Denture

  • Complete necessary extractions
  • Deliver the final immediate complete denture
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