How to Set Up the Scanner, Laptop, and Cart

The video and instructions in this article review the steps for building your cart as well as connecting your scanner and laptop. You can also download and print the instructions here!


Please be sure the following steps are complete at least 48 hours before your scheduled training. Our team will call you 2-3 days prior to your Launch Training date to conduct a quality assurance test. 


Instructions for Cart Assembly:

We recommend 2 people for cart assembly if possible.

  1. Insert the 4 wheels (or casters) into the H-shaped base, fastening them into place with a wrench.
  2. Using 4 long screws and washers, connect the pole to the H-shaped base. Use the included Allen wrench for tightening.
  3. Fasten the smaller bracket onto the bottom shelf using short screws. This is referred to as a printer tray in the manual.
  4. Place the bottom shelf onto the top of the pole and then slide it down to its proper height, tightening the screws.
  5. Fasten the larger bracket onto the keyboard tray using short screws. This piece is fastened in the same way as the bottom shelf in step #3. Tighten the screws at its proper height.
  6. Attach the basket to the back of the cart following the same steps as the trays in steps #3 and #5.
  7. Place the cover on the top of the pole.

Instructions for Trios 3Shape Scanner Assembly:

Contents of the Trios 3Shape box include 2 tiers of equipment and accessories, separated by black form. Contents include:

  • Wireless mouse
  • Multiple scanner mirror tips
  • Encased calibration target
  • Scanner base
  • Scanner wand
  • A cylindrical calibration target
  • Two gray calibration adaptors
  • Cables for power and data
  • USB dongle
  1. Place the scanner base on the cart.
  2. Place the scanner wand into the scanner base.
  3. Connect the cable of the wand to the scanner base by lining up the corresponding red dots on the socket and cable.
  4. Connect the two halves of the black power cable together.
  5. Plug one end of the assembled cable into a wall outlet and the other end directly into the scanner base. A green light will appear on the rear of the scanner base to confirm that the scanner has a working power source.
  6. Plug in the USB dongle into the laptop's USB port.
  7. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the scanner base and the other end directly into the laptop. Do note use the USB-to-ethernet adapter included, as this can impact the scanner's performance.

Instructions for Dell Laptop Assembly:

  1. Connect the two cable pieces to the brick of the power adapter.
  2. Insert the power adapter into a wall outlet, and confirm that the outlet is conducting electricity. Note: The scanner requires significant battery power, so continuous laptop charging is strongly recommended.
  3. Power your laptop on, and connect to your practice's Wi-Fi.


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