Wax Rim Continuation Workflow in Unite

This article will guide you through the process of ordering a final denture through the wax rim workflow in the Unite software. 

Wax Rim Continuation

  1. Locate and select the patient name in Unite and set up a new case

  2. Select Dandy Labs

  3. Select Removable and then full denture

  4. Click on a tooth of the desired arch.

  5. Select a delivery date and proceed to the scanning pages 
  6. Prepare the waxrims prior to scanning (How to Prepare a Wax Rim or Denture for Scanning
  7. Perform 360 extraoral scan on the selected arch page (Extraoral Denture Scan: 360 Scan Technique
    • When prompted select denture scanning (do not use intraoral or impression for 360 scans)

  8. Scan the opposing arch (with appliances seated if applicable)
  9. Scan bites with appliances seated (if applicable)

  10. Confirm scans are adequate and submit the order from Unite 
  11. Wait for the Dandy Lab Slip to generate and click "Create final denture from wax rim"

  12. Continue filling out preferences for the final denture. 


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