Setting Up Your Account in the Dandy Portal for Itero Customers

This guide walks you through the initial steps of setting up your account within the Dandy Portal as well as guidance on how to complete the Training Intake Form, ensuring a seamless start to your experience with Dandy.

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Account Setup Process

Dandy's Chairside software will guide you through the process to complete your Dandy Portal account setup. You will need to create a profile before attempting to use Chairside for the first time. Please follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1 - Email from Dandy

  • Look for an email from Dandy ( ) titled “Welcome to Dandy! Here’s How to Get Started.”
    • Note: This email is sent to the person who signed the contract with Dandy OR the person designated to set up equipment during the sales process.
  • Highlight and copy the verification code provided in the email and click on 'Set up my Dandy Portal' within the email.

Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 10.59.54 AM.png

 Step 2 - Completing Account Information

  • Paste the verification code provided in the email into the box and click 'Continue.'

image (2).png

  • Fill out your account information, which will be used to log into your Dandy Portal.

image (3).png

Step 3 - Verify Billing Information and Shipping Address:

  • Ensure your billing information and shipping addresses are correct in the system to avoid any issues with future orders.

Step 4 - Adding Information About Doctor Clinical Preferences

  • Complete the fields in the form related to each doctor's preferred material choices, retraction methods, and prep styles. When finished, select the 'Continue' button to complete the form and submit your information to Dandy.


Customize Your Dandy Experience

Once you've set up your Dandy Portal account, you can now access the Dandy Portal from any web browser at

To continue customizing your experience with Dandy, check out our article Customize Your Experience with Profiles in the Dandy Portal to learn more about how to add additional profiles to your account.

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