TRIOS Software Overview and Navigation

This article and video review the basic overview and navigation of your TRIOS software. This will show you how to create patient profiles, access existing profiles and create a new case to submit to Dandy. 

Set up patient profile or access an existing profile

Step 1 - To create a profile for your patient, select New patient on the left side of the home page

  • To access an existing patient that you have previously scanned, you can use the search for a patient tab in the top left of your home page.
  • After selecting your existing patient, you can access all scans from previous orders that you have submitted. 

Step 2 - After selecting New patient, you will input your patient's first name, last name and DOB on the Add new patient page

  • Select the blue Add button at the bottom of the page.
  • From the What are you doing today page, select Dandy labs.

TRIOS Settings and Calibration

Step 1 - Select More on the top of your home page

Step 2 - Select TRIOS from the drop down menu

Step 3 - Select Scanner Management to begin calibration

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