Navigating the Digital Lab Slip in Trios Unite

This article provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide to navigating the digital lab slip efficiently. Understanding these steps is essential for seamless communication between providers and Dandy, ensuring accurate and timely products.

Opening the lab slip in Trios Unite:

Step 1 - Post Process the case in Trios Unite

  • Post-processing the case will ensure the case is sent in high definition, located in the top center of the screen

Step 2 - Sending the Lab Slip

  • In the top ribbon of icons, select the two people in blue and orange, holding an envelope.

  • Locate and select the "Send" option located at the lower center of the software.

The Dandy Lab slip will populate in the center of your device

Step 3 - Choose the relevant doctor who is sending the case

Step 4 - Confirming Delivery Details

  • Verify and confirm the delivery address for the lab slip.
  •   Entering Patient Information:
    • Input essential patient details including name, date of birth, and gender.

Step 5 - Selecting Materials and Preferences

  • Choose the appropriate material and shade for the crown.
  • Fill in any additional preferences or requirements.

Step 6 - Adding Extras

  • Include any additional items such as night guards, retainers, or digital wax-ups as needed.

Step 7 - Final Review and Confirmation

  • Review the case information on the final review page to ensure accuracy.
  • Confirm all entered details before proceeding.

  • Adding Notes (in Green, center of page)
    • Utilize the "Add Notes" feature located in the center of the page to provide any relevant additional information.
      • Attaching Files:
        • Add attachments such as shade matching photos, documents, or X-rays to support the lab slip.
      • Editing Order Details:
        • Make any necessary edits or adjustments to the order details before finalizing.

Step 8 - Placing the Order

Once all information is confirmed, proceed to place the order on the lower right, green button.

Step 9 - Confirmation Page

Review the confirmation page and delivery date

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