Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Scans in 3Shape's TRIOS Software

This article and video review how to access Wellness Scans, otherwise known as the “Scan Only” feature in your TRIOS software. Wellness Scans allow you to scan your patients without sending an order to Dandy. These scans are most commonly used for patient education purposes and can enhance treatment plan acceptance.

Instructions for use:

Step 1 - Select the New patient button on the left side of your screen 

Step 2 - Input the patients first name, last name and DOB and select Add Patient

Step 3 - Select Dandy Labs from the menu on the screen 

Step 4 - From your “Case Setup” menu, check the box for Scan only and select next to proceed to scanning pages.  

Step 5 - Follow the scanning sequence displayed based on the arch you are scanning. 

Step 6 - Use the Analyze Page tab at the top of your screen to review all captured scans. 

Step 7 - Use the upper and lower buttons on the upper left side to view single arches. 

Step 8 - Your scans will automatically be saved within your TRIOS software under the search for patient tab.

    • You can choose to order a digital wax-up, a model, nightguard or a retainer by submitting the scans to Dandy Labs. 
    • You can order from a saved wellness scan within 45 days of scanning the patient. 
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