Access Self-Guided Training Through Dandy Academy

Welcome to Dandy Academy, where advancing your dental practice's knowledge and skills is just a few clicks away! Whether setting up your new equipment, exploring Dandy's software, preparing cases, or looking to refine your best practices, our self-guided training sessions are designed to support your journey at your own pace. You can follow the guide below to get started with the Dandy Academy. 

Step 1 - Visit Dandy Academy

Access a wide range of self-service training content tailored to your needs by visiting Dandy Academy via: 

  1. Clicking the link above in this article
  2. Visiting - 
  3. Clicking 'Dandy Academy' from our drop-down list of resources at the top of our Help Center

Step 2 - Register for Your Account

For first-time visitors, registration is a quick and simple process:

  • Navigate to the Dandy Academy sign-up page.
  • Fill in your details to create your account.
    • Note: This account is separate from your Dandy Portal account but is your gateway to a wealth of learning resources.

  • Once registered, you will receive access to your courses and, upon completion, your certificates. 

Step 3 - Choose Your Course

After signing in:

  • Browse through the available courses.
  • Select the course that meets your current learning objectives.
  • Begin your self-guided learning journey at your pace, with the flexibility to pause and resume as needed.


Dandy Academy empowers you and your team with the knowledge to leverage Dandy's innovative solutions effectively, ensuring you can provide the best care to your patients while optimizing your practice's operations. 

For any questions or assistance with accessing Dandy Academy, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We're here to help you succeed!

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