No Scan Pages in Unite After Case Setup

Follow the steps below when Unite does not allow you to proceed to the scanning pages after completing the case setup. The below image shows Unite when the scan pages are not populating:

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 6.35.18 PM.png

Step 1 - Ensure complete case setup

  • Select a specific restoration or 'Scan Only'

Step 2 - Scan tab should appear

  • After a case setup is complete the scan tab should appear. If it does not, proceed to step 3.

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 5.24.17 PM.png

Step 3 - Return to the Home Page

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 5.30.03 PM.png

Step 4 - Edit the patient name for the case

If the patient's name has any spaces before or after the first or last name, this issue will occur. Delete any extra spacing in the patient's first and last name fields.

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 5.30.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 5.31.25 PM.png

Step 5 - Scan pages should now appear

The scan pages in Unite will not appear if the patient name has formatting issues or if the case setup is not fully complete.

Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 5.24.17 PM (2).png


If you are still unable to access the scan pages after theses troubleshooting steps, please reach out to our support team by following Contact Us.

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