Chairside Full Mouth Reconstruction Workflow

The following workflow applies to patients receiving a full mouth reconstruction. The outline below is a step-by-step appointment guide for this workflow. Please ensure you are also practicing our crown and bridge scanning best practices

First appointment

Step 1 - Set up the case as a 'wellness scan' for design preview

Step 2 - Take full arch scans as well as right and left side bite scans

Step 3 - Make sure to include on the RX instructions:

  • The teeth numbers that would be included
  • The restoration type (crown, veneer or bridge)
  • If there is a need to raise the VDO (if so, how many mm? Up to 4mm can be done digitally)
  • Add that you need physical models and putty matrix based on the design (to use as a prep guide and/or fabricate the temps chairside)

Second appointment

Whether it's a full mouth reconstruction or one full arch reconstruction, it is up to the Doctor to prep all the teeth in one appointment or not. 

If it's a full mouth reconstruction that requires raising VDO

  • We suggest prepping the posterior teeth first, seating the temps and dismissing the patient. Before scanning for finals, the patient must get used to the new VDO.

If the Doctor wants to scan all the prep teeth and place all the temps on the second appointment follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Add a pre-op scan to the case setup

Step 2 - Scan bite 

  • First option: Scan the bite with temporary crowns seated (While designing the final restorations we can guarantee to mimic the right new VDO and shape of the temp crowns, specially if a chairside adjustment was made after seating temps). 
  • Second Option: Keep the molars and incisors, and prep the bi’s and canines
    • Take bite scans
    • Prep the rest
    • Scan arches completely

Step 3 - After prepping the teeth:

  • Verify enough occlusal clearance for the material is achieved.
  • Our designers won't be able to mimic the original design preview from the temps if there is not enough reduction made.
  • Our Scan Review team can help check on the scans while patient is still in the chair.

Step 4 - Request a new design preview (optional) at checkout

  • If you would like to mimic the original design done for the temps, request this in additional instructions.
  • Any design adjustments can be made at this step.

Step 5 - Attach pictures

  • The shade tab close to the patient's mouth is very important to accurately match the correct shade the patient is looking for.
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