Using the Margin Tracing Tool in 3Shape's Unite Software

This guide and video below provide a detailed walkthrough on leveraging the 3Shape's Unite software’s margin tracing tool for crown preparations. This feature enhances the precision of crown margins in challenging cases.

Step 1 - Access the Tool

  • Navigate to the 'Analyze' page after completing scans of both arches, the bite, and the specific crown prep (e.g., tooth number nineteen).

Step 2 - Initiate Margin Tracing

  • Click on the 'Margin Line' button at the bottom of your screen. This action will focus the view on the prepped arch, removing the opposing arch from view.

Step 3 - Oriente Your Scan

  • Use your cursor to adjust the view to the occlusal surface. Click and hold the gray background to rotate the scan without altering the margin line. Zoom in or out with your mouse wheel for better precision.

Step 4 - Mark the Margin

  • You can begin marking by clicking on any part of the margin. The software will attempt to auto-draw the margin, but manual adjustments can be made for greater accuracy.

Step 5 - Adjust the Margin Line

  • To adjust, click and drag along the desired margin path. Release the mouse to set the new margin line. Repeat as necessary to refine the tracing.

Step 6 - Finalize Your Tracing

  • Once you're satisfied with the margin tracing, click the 'Done' button to finalize your adjustments before submitting your case.


The margin tracing is a powerful tool within 3Shape's Unite software, offering enhanced control over crown preparation processes. By following these steps, you can ensure greater accuracy and outcomes for your patients.

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