Navigating 3Shape's Unite Software

This guide and video will introduce you to 3Shape's Unite and cover everything from setting up new patient profiles to efficiently conducting wellness scans, ensuring you leverage the full potential of your Unite software.

Navigating the Software

  • Cases and Calendar: Access your ongoing cases and schedule through the top toolbar.
  • Settings Access: Dive into system settings, scan settings, and scanner management for customizations and calibrations.

Setting Up Patient Profiles

  • New Patients: To add a new patient, navigate to the 'New Patient' button on the home page. Fill in the patient's first and last names and date of birth, then click 'Add'.
  • Returning Patients: For existing patients needing additional scans or orders, select 'Show All Patients', choose the patient from the dropdown menu, and click the 'New Case' button to proceed.

Conducting Scans

  1. Starting a Scan: For new patients, after adding their details, select 'Dandy Labs' from the menu to begin the scan process. For existing patients, access their profile and select 'New Case'.
  2. Scan Only Option: Check the 'Scan Only' box for cases where you intend to perform wellness scans without sending orders to Dandy.
  3. Scanning Process: Follow the guided scan path—starting with the lower arch, then the upper arch, and concluding with occlusion scans (left and right bite scans).

Tips for Successful Scans

  • Ensure all arches are clean and dry before scanning.
  • Follow the occlusal, lingual, and buccal scan path for comprehensive coverage.
  • Utilize the 'Skip Pre Prep' option if you decide to bypass the initial scans.
  • Calibration for Trio 3 scanners is recommended every seven days for optimal performance.

Exporting and Utilizing Scans

After completing wellness scans, you can access them through the 'Patients' tab. These scans can be exported for patient education or further analysis, enhancing treatment planning and patient engagement.

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