Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Scans in 3Shape's Unite Software

This detailed guide and video are on conducting wellness scans using 3Shape's Unite software. This tutorial is designed to streamline the scanning process for both existing and new patients within your dental practice, enhancing patient education and treatment plan acceptance.

Step 1 - Access Patient Profiles

For Existing Patients:

  1. Search for a Patient: Use the 'Search for a Patient's tab on the top left to find an existing profile.
  2. Create a New Case: Once the patient is found, create a new case for them to start the wellness scan process.

For New Patients:

  1. New Patient Button: Click on 'New Patients' on the left side of the screen.
  2. Profile Setup: Enter the patient's first name, last name, and date of birth, then select 'Add'.

Step 2 - Initiate the Wellness Scan

  1. Navigate to Dandy Labs: In the menu, select the 'Dandy Labs' category under the 'Scan and Send' section.
  2. Select Scan Only Option: Check the 'Scan Only' box on the left side to proceed without sending an order to Dandy.
  3. Enter the Scanning Page: Click 'Next' or directly access the scanning page at the top center.

Step 3 - Complete the Scan

Lower Mandibular Arch:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the scanner's mirror tip faces the occlusal surface and starts at any posterior tooth.
  2. Scan Path: Follow the occlusal, lingual, then buccal path, dividing the buccal scan at the midline.
  3. Scanner Operation: Power on the scanner and begin moving it across the tooth surface, ensuring complete coverage.

Upper Maxillary Arch:

  1. Mirror Tip Adjustment: Flip the mirror tip 180 degrees for ergonomic scanning.
  2. Scan Path: Similar to the lower arch, follow the occlusal, lingual, and buccal path, ensuring thorough coverage.

Occlusion Scans:

  • Bite Scans: Conduct left and right bite scans, ensuring the patient is in natural centric occlusion.

Step 4 - Review and Export Scans

  1. Review: Utilize the review page to check scans and fill in any missing data points as needed.
  2. Export: The 'Download Scan Files' option allows for the export of STL files for future use.


This comprehensive guide aims to facilitate an efficient wellness scanning process, improving patient consultations and treatment planning. Remember, our customer support team is always available for assistance, ensuring you can effectively utilize your 3Shape Unite software for optimal patient care.

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