Comprehensive Guide to Digital Workflows with Dandy

This comprehensive guide and video will introduce you to digital dentistry workflows by providing step-by-step instructions for setting up, scanning, and submitting crown and bridge cases using the Dandy system, ensuring high-quality results and patient satisfaction.

Step 1 - Setting up Your Case

1. Product Selection

  • Navigate to the 'Fixed Restorations' category within your Dandy Portal.
  • Choose 'Crown' for your restoration type.

2. Tooth Selection

  • Indicate the tooth or teeth numbers being treated.
  • If applicable, mark the checkbox indicating the crown needs to fit under an existing partial denture, automatically adding required scans to your workflow.

3. Material Selection

  • Select the material for your crown based on the case requirements.

4. Shade Selection

  • Use Vita Classic or 3D Master shade guides for base shade selection.
  • Optionally, add gingival and incisal shades for a perfect match.
  • Upload a shade tab picture using the HIPAA compliant QR code provided for accuracy.

5. Initiate Scanning

  • Proceed to the scanning process by selecting 'Start Scanning'.

Step 2 - Scanning Process

1. Pre-Scans

  • Complete scans of the lower arch, upper arch, and both bite scans before prepping the patient.

2. Preparation and Final Scan

  • After prepping the patient, thoroughly clean and dry the area before taking the final scan of the prepped tooth.
  • Ensure clear visibility of margins and interproximal contacts.

Scanning Tips

  • Follow the occlusal, lingual, and buccal scan path for each arch.
  • Ensure arches are completely dry and free of obstructions.
  • Avoid using dental or loop lights, as the scanner has its own illumination.

Step 3 - Reviewing Your Scans

1. Review and Adjustments

  • Utilize the review scan menu to evaluate scans in various views.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy.

2. Marking the Treated Tooth

  • Confirm the correct tooth is marked for treatment using the 'Mark Tooth' feature.

3. Prepare to Submit

  • Inspect occlusal reduction, undercuts, and trace margins for clarity.
  • Use the review scans page to confirm readiness for order submission.

Step 4 - Placing Your Order

1. Adding Additional Items

  • Decide on including items such as night guards, bleaching trays, or retainers.

2. Digital Design Preview

  • Opt for a digital design preview if desired, noting its impact on the fabrication timeline.

3. Final Case Review and Submission

  • Review all selections and add specific instructions as needed.
  • Attach necessary files and photos via the provided QR code.
  • Confirm your delivery options and place your order.


This guide aims to introduce you to Dandy's digital workflow of setting up, scanning, and submitting crown and bridge cases for dental professionals using the Dandy system. Following these steps will help ensure accurate, high-quality restorations that meet patient expectations and enhance treatment outcomes.

For further assistance or clarification on any step, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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