Resolving scan issues on an order

When there is an issue with the scans of a submitted order, the Dandy Portal will display the following message, asking you to resolve it.

Note - this message requires your action. The order in question will be paused and put on hold until you follow the steps listed in this article.

Resolving the Issue

To begin resolving the issue, select the Resolve issue button noted in the image below:

Review the Order Issue

Once Resolve issue is selected, a new window will appear (shown below), asking you to select from a list of options how you would like to proceed with this order. You will be guided through any necessary next steps based on the option you selected. Those necessary steps are detailed in the next section of this article.

Option Selected: I will rescan the patient

If I will rescan the patient is selected, then the Dandy Portal will display the following message and requested action on this order. In this case, select the Capture New Scans button to proceed into the required scanning workflow.


If the patient is not present to capture new scans immediately, you will be able to access this patient and the necessary scanning workflow directly from the Chairside Notifications menu shown below. To proceed, select the item and patient name that relates to the original order. You will automatically be brought to the appropriate scan menu for that respective patient.

unnamed (2).png


After you have followed the steps above and rescanned the patient, the order in the Dandy Portal will be updated to reflect that the new scans were captured, as shown below.

Option Selected: Edit Order / Accept Rx Change Recommendation

If you are accepting the Rx change recommendation (in this scenario Change material to thinner material Zirconia Translucent Aesthetic), then the Dandy Portal will display the following messages both confirming your changes and updating the order tracker, as shown below:

Option Selected: Proceed as is (this may result in a higher likelihood of a refabrication)

If Proceed as is is selected from the list of options to resolve the issue, then the Dandy Portal will display that the hold has been resolved for this order, as shown below:


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