Navigating the Dandy Help Center

Welcome to the Dandy Help Center — your comprehensive guide to maximizing the use of our digital dental lab services. Whether new to Dandy or seeking to refine your skills, this article will outline how to use the Help Center efficiently to help you quickly find the information you need.

The easiest way to access the Help Center is on the Dandy Portal. After selecting a profile from the login screen you will see the button in the top left corner.

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Utilizing the Search Function

  • Quick Search Tips:
    • Enter at least three characters into the search bar for instant results based on article titles.
    • Use specific terms related to dental procedures, software issues, or equipment for more accurate results.

  • Advanced Search Strategies:
    • Use the green 'Search' button or press enter for an in-depth search of keywords across the full article.
    • Enclose multiple keywords in quotes, such as "troubleshoot" and "scanner" , for an in-depth search for articles containing both keywords.

Browsing Categories and Sections

Categories and sections are designed to group related content, making delving deeper into a subject easier.

  • You will find everything you need in our product line categories to learn more about our specific product offerings, their workflows, best practices, and troubleshooting. 

  • The remaining categories provide the information you need to effectively utilize the equipment and software in the Dandy ecosystem and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Interactive Features

  • Utilize embedded videos and links within articles for visual learning and additional resources.
  • Look out for 'Contact Us' links for information on accessing Dandy's customer service team.

Feedback and Continuous Learning

  • User-Driven Updates: The Help Center is regularly updated based on user feedback to ensure relevance and usability.
  • Feedback: Share your article experience through the 'Was this article helpful?' feature to enhance content.

The Dandy Help Center is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring you have all the support you need at your fingertips. We're committed to continuously refining our support based on your valuable insights to deliver exceptional service.

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