Tracking Your Monthly Spend and Accessing Invoices in the Dandy Portal

Navigating your financial commitments with Dandy is now more straightforward than ever. In this guide, we delve into the functionalities of the Dandy Portal, highlighting how to track your estimated monthly spending, access monthly invoices, and understand the invoice summary.

Tracking Estimated Monthly Spend

This feature helps you keep track of your current month's estimated expenses and anticipate your next invoice. Below, we will walk you through the steps to access this feature.

  • From the Dandy Portal homepage, click the Account Settings (⚙️) icon and select 'Billing'.

  • You will find key information at the top of the 'Billing' page, including 'Next invoice due in', 'Est. spend this month', and 'Orders on next invoice'.

Monthly Invoice Details

  • Description: The invoice will contain an itemized list of all cases and the costs billed for them from the previous month.
  • Availability: Accessible on the 1st of each month, reflecting the previous month’s activities.
  • Accessing Invoices: From the Dandy Portal homepage, click the Account Settings (⚙️) icon and select 'Billing'.

Invoice Summary

  • Description: The Invoice Summary, emailed to the listed contact, provides a high-level overview of your invoice, including the number of orders and the total amount owed to Dandy.
    • Note: This will include the remaining balance due to Dandy if the contractual minimum is unmet.
  • Detailed Invoice Access: A link in the Invoice Summary directs you to the itemized invoice available exclusively in the Dandy Portal.

Auto-Payments Timeline

  • Review Period: Review your invoice within 7 days of its availability.
  • Auto-Charge Date: The balance due is auto-charged to the payment method on file on the 8th of each month.
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