Solving Image Capture Problems With The Trios 3 Scanner in Chairside

If your Trios 3 scanner is connected and displays a red rectangle with a camera feed in the lower right but isn’t capturing scan data, which is indicated by a blank center screen. See the image below for what this looks like in Chairside. This could be due to technique, setup, or Chairside software issues.


Solving the Technique Issue

When scanning edentulous areas, start from the Anterior. This approach often allows for better control over moisture and proximity to the dentition. After initiating the scan, expand outward to cover more challenging areas.

If modifying your scan technique does not resolve your scan capture issues, please check your scanner configuration using the steps below. 

Addressing the Configuration Issue

An improperly set up scanner will show as connected. However, it will not capture scan data. Follow these steps to correct your scanner configuration issue. 

  • Ensure the laptop is not running on battery power. The scanner won't function correctly on the laptop battery power alone.
  • Check the scanner tip: Replace the protective tip with a mirror tip. A ‘globe’ half-circle at the base of the camera image indicates the protective tip is attached.
    • Image of the globe in the camera image:


    • Image of the protective tip:


  • Keep the mirror tip and the inner black tube of the scanner free of smudges or marks. Clean with a microfiber cloth if necessary.

If correcting your scanner configuration doesn't resolve your scan capture issue, you will need to troubleshoot Chairside using the steps below. 

Troubleshooting Chairside

Perform a test scan in Trios (Unite). If successful, but issues persist in Chairside, contact Dandy IT Support. This usually indicates an issue with the Chairside software. 

Note: If adding scans to an existing scan on a scan page is not possible (e.g., when the pre-prep scan is moved into the prep scan page and trims are applied), clear the arch and load scan streams up to that point or rescan the patient's arch. In some cases, a restart of Chairside may be required.


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