Troubleshooting Scan Stitch Errors in Chairside for Trios 3 Scanners

The scan stitch error occurs when new images are scanned into a previously trimmed area on the Prep arch.


Steps to Take to Resolve Error

Step 1 - Start Scanning from Outside of the Trimmed Area

Begin your scan outside the trimmed area to prevent the scanner from mislocating its position on the arch.

Step 2 - Resolving Prep Arch and Scan Body Issues

Clear the scan and rescan the entire arch from the beginning if scanning becomes impossible.

Note: Stitching errors can also arise when scans are transferred from the Pre-Prep scan into the Prep scan or when an emergence profile is transferred into the scan body scan page. 

If rescanning the entire arch isn't feasible, contact Dandy Support for assistance loading scan streams.

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