Simplifying the Bite Alignment Process in Scanning Workflows

This article guides you through efficiently handling bite alignment challenges during crown and night guard workflows, ensuring a smooth scanning process.

Option to Skip Bite Alignment

In scenarios where aligning the bite proves challenging during the scanning workflow, you can skip this step to expedite the process.

  • Note: This feature is available only for crown and night guard workflows.

After Bite Alignment Fails

If the bite alignment process fails, you will receive a message: 'Let us align the bite for you. We've detected there may be an issue aligning the bite. To save you time, please proceed and our design experts will align the bite for you after order submission! No further action required on your end.'

Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 4.21.44 PM.png 

  • To utilize this option, click the green button labeled 'Let our experts align for you.' Our lab team will handle the bite alignment, saving you valuable chair time.
  • If you choose 'More options' you can select 'Reset Scans' to start over or 'Manually Align' to manually align the bite. If you choose to align manually you will be directed to the manual alignment menu.

Reviewing Your Scans

If you skip the bite alignment, your bite scan may appear deformed. A reassuring message will confirm that everything is in order, allowing you to proceed confidently with your order.

Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 4.23.44 PM.png

Proceeding to Ordering

To continue with your case, simply click the 'Start ordering' button. This action will take your case forward with the scans as they are.

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