Choosing the Correct Sleep Apnea Appliance for Your Patient

The appropriate snoring/sleep apnea appliance selection will depend on patient and/or doctor preference. While the appliances may look different, the basic function of the appliance remains the same, and therefore, most appliances will achieve very similar results. 

Sleep Study

Each patient must complete a sleep study before prescribing an intraoral appliance. The sleep study will determine the level or severity the patient is currently experiencing, and the prescribing dentist should use this information to determine the needed device. 

Dental Exam

Each patient should be subject to a complete and comprehensive dental exam before prescribing a snoring or sleep apnea device. Once the patient has undergone a comprehensive dental exam with full records and a sleep study, the dentist can accurately prescribe a snoring or sleep apnea device. 

Dandy's Appliance Offerings

We use digital workflows and industry-leading materials at Dandy to produce two highly accurate and effective sleep apnea and anti-snoring devices:

  1. The Herbst Appliance
  2. The Dorsal Appliance

To learn more about Dandy's sleep apnea appliance product offerings, check out our Sleep Apnea Product Guide article. 

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