Delivering your Sleep Apnea Appliance

Use the delivering processes below for your Herbst or Dorsal appliances only as needed. 

  • TIP: The patient should never heat the device on their own.

Already delivered your appliance? Check out our articles on Maintaining and Adjusting a Herbst or Dorsal Appliance. 

Standard Delivery 

Following this procedure ensures a perfect fit in a matter of minutes each and every time.

  1. 1. Place in 160-degree water for approximately 3-5 sec
  2. Immediately place the heated device in the mouth
  3. Allow the device to cool in the mouth for 20-30 sec
  4. Remove the device and finish cooling the liner with cold water until white 

New Crown / Bridge Delivery

Always have the opposing device in the mouth when reforming to new dentition to maintain current dimensions. 

  1. Place device in 160º water until liner turns clear (30-60 sec.) / Caution: If water is too hot  device will warp
  2. Once the liner is clear, quickly remove the device and allow it to cool for approximately 10  seconds.
    • Caution: If white spots start to show, re-heat until clear again.
  3. Fit the heated device to the new dentition; be sure the opposing device is in place.
  4. Once seated, cool the Accu-Fit with short bursts of air (an air/water syringe). Cool in the mouth for 30-60 seconds.
    • Caution: DO NOT leave the device unattended. The device will permanently lock onto teeth if fully cooled in the mouth and must be cut out.
  5. Once removed from the mouth, trim (do not pull) away the flashed excess material from the device with curved scissors.
  6. Finish cooling the liner with cold water or freeze spray until fully white again.
  7. Using a polishing brush, remove the reaming edges of the liner and smooth.
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