How to Remove Aligner Attachments

Attachments are composite handlebars that are bonded to the buccal surface of the teeth. They
allow the aligners to grip the teeth and exert force to facilitate movement. They can come in many
shapes, sizes, and orientations relative to the tooth's surface.

In the outline below, we will review the equipment and steps needed to remove aligner attachments. 

Required Tools & Supplies

To remove attachments, you'll need the following:

  • High-Speed Handpiece
  • Carbide Finishing Bur
  • One Gloss Point and/or Cup
  • Fine pumice
  • Polishing paste

Remove Aligners

Remove the final aligner tray from the patient's teeth.

Remove Attachments

Polish the surface of each attachment with a carbide or fine diamond finishing bur until it is completely removed.

Polish Enamel

Apply a single gloss point and/or cup for enamel polishing, utilizing fine pumice and polishing paste as deemed appropriate by the clinician. Ensure that you rinse and clean the teeth thoroughly afterward. Have the patient feel the surface with their tongue to ensure the surface is satisfactory.

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