Retainer Pricing

Retainer pricing will depend on whether or not the patient is undergoing or has undergone Clear Aligners Powered by Dandy treatment. Please check out our Retainer Type Product Guide article to learn more about our retainer options. 

We recommend referencing pricing within your contract and the Dandy Portal for your account specifics!

If you have any remaining questions, contact your Account Manager!

Dandy Clear Aligner Patients

Your patient may be eligible for Zendura retainers as part of their Clear Aligners Powered by Dandy treatment plan.

Treatment Plan Zendura Retainers
Dandy on Demand A la carte
Dandy 20 1 set Included
Dandy Max 2 sets Included

Under any plan, additional Zendura retainers can be ordered a la carte after their treatment plan expires or after the free retainers have been fulfilled. A la carte pricing for Dandy clear aligner patients is outlined below:

Retainer Type Pricing
Single Arch $50
Dual Arch $85
Additional Retainers $35/Retainer
4 Sets Dual Arch $240

For more information about Clear Aligners Powered by Dandy, please go to our Clear Aligners Pricing article. 

All Other Patients

For patients that are not Clear Aligners Powered by Dandy patients, Dandy offers Essix, Hawley, and Fixed Lingual retainer options. The pricing for these retainers are the same and are outlined below: 

Retainer Type Pricing
Single Arch $80
Dual Arch $100

Dandy does not cover retainers that are lost or damaged by the user. Retainers that are defective, damaged in transit, or lost in transit are replaced by Dandy at no additional cost. 



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