How to Complete a Denture Bite Scan

Achieving maximum accuracy in a bite scan is crucial to a successful full denture.

Following intraoral / extraoral scans of the patient’s arch(es) in the denture workflow, Chairside prompts you to perform a bite scan. Use the following steps to ensure a successful scan.

Patients With Dentition

  • Have the patient open their mouth
  • Insert the scanner, and use the scanner as a cheek retractor, and then have the patient close their mouth.
  • Start the scanner in the second molar area and, using an up-and-down brushing motion, slowly move the scanner mesially until it reaches the midline.
  • Shut the scanner off, and click on “Bite 2” in the software
  • Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Patients Without a Dentition

  • If a single arch wax bite rim:
    • Scan with wax bite rim in the mouth (from molar to midline on both left and right sides) with blue mousse (or preferred bite registration material).
  • If dual arch wax bite rim(s), you have two options:
    • Scan both arches in occlusion outside of mouth (full arch from molar to molar) with blue mousse (or preferred bite registration material).
    • Scan inside the mouth molar to the midline on both sides.

**Always apply a wash impression to the wax rims and keep the wash attached to the rim for the entirety of the scanning process. 

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