Choosing the Correct Complete Denture Workflow

Using the power of digital scanning, our team has revolutionized how doctors provide dentures to their patients. There is a wide range of digital denture workflows and scenarios that you can use to increase your efficiency and profitability while also ensuring the best experience for your patients.

Decision Criteria

To decide which workflow and how many appoints it will require, you will need three key pieces of information:

  1. Type of denture required (immediate / implant)
  2. Does the have an existing appliance and/or dentition
  3. Can the patient establish an accurate VDO and/or bite with the current appliance and/or dentition

Appointment Details per Workflow

Workflow 2 Patient Appointments 3 Patient Appointments
New dentures from existing ✔️  
Immediate dentures ✔️  
New full or immediate dentures for edentulous patient   ✔️
Existing or New Implant-Supported Overdentures ✔️ ✔️

2-Appointment Workflow 

Workflow for patients with an existing appliance

  1. Scan and Order - Extraorally scan the existing appliance and intraorally scan the bite.
  2. Seat - Seat the new denture.

3-Appointment Workflow

Workflow for patients without an existing appliance

  1. Scan and Order - Scan the upper and/or lower arches and request wax rim.
  2. Register Bite - Use the provided wax rim to establish bite and ship back to Dandy.
  3. Seat - Seat the new denture.

Clinical Scenarios

Below, we've outlined some clinical scenarios you may encounter in your practice and provided a link to direct you to the appropriate workflow. 

Restorative Goal: New Immediate Denture for both arches

  • Patient Details:
    • Has existing dentition on both arches
    • Can establish bite and/or VDO
    • No existing appliance to replicate
  • Workflow: Immediate Denture Workflow

Restorative Goal: New Complete Denture

Restorative Goal: New Complete Denture

Restorative Goal: New Implant Supported Overdenture Denture

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