Partial Denture Material Options

We offer various material options to enable you to deliver better-fitting partials for any patient stress-free.


Metal partial dentures offer excellent durability and strength, providing long-term stability and resistance to fracture.

  • Material - Milled Titanium¬†
  • Clasp option - Metal

Flexible - TCS / Valplast

Flexible partial dentures offer a comfortable fit and natural-looking aesthetics while being highly flexible and resistant to breakage.

  • Material - Thermoplastic Nylon Resin
  • Clasp option - Tissue Shade

Flexible - Duraflex

Duraflex partials provide exceptional durability and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable fit and allowing for easy adjustment. At the same time, their stain-resistant and non-allergenic properties offer long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for patients.


Acetal partial dentures combine strength and flexibility, providing a lightweight, biocompatible solution with superior fracture resistance.

  • Material - Milled Polyoxymethlene Copolymer Disc
  • Clasp options:
    • Shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, C3, G2 (Bleach Shade)
    • Pink Tissue Shade


Acrylic partial dentures are cost-effective and easily adjustable, making them a convenient and affordable option for replacing missing teeth.

  • Material - Lucitone 199
  • Clasp Options:
    • Wrought Wire
    • Ball Clasp
    • None - if retention allows


Hybrid partial dentures combine the stability and strength of metal frameworks with the aesthetics and comfort of a flexible RPD, offering a versatile and reliable solution that provides both durability and natural-looking tooth replacement.

  • Material - Metal + Flexible
  • Clasp Options:
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