Using the Medit Scanner Help Center

In the article below, we have outlined the steps you can take to troubleshoot your Medit scanner.

Medit Help Center

If you are experiencing issues with your Medit Scanner, please follow the link to the Medit Help Center.


Once there, you can search for articles using their search bar. Quick search results pull from article titles (see below), while a full search (hitting enter once complete) will pull from the title and the body of the article. 

Troubleshooting Articles

If you can't find what you need via the search function, click on the troubleshooting section on the bottom right, where you will find commonly used articles such as:

Contact Dandy

If you can not locate your desired article, or if you are unable to resolve your issues, feel free to contact us at 267-310-3332.

State that you need help with your Medit scanner, and you will be connected to an agent to assist.

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