Extraoral Denture Scan: 360° Scan Technique

The extraoral denture scan (360° Scan Technique) is a scanning technique used to scan a wax rim and/or an existing denture. It is completed in three phases centered around the various surfaces of the wax rim and/or existing denture:

  • The entire cameo (wax-sided) side of the wax rim.
    • Occlusal surface for an existing denture
  • The entire border.
  • The entire intaglio surface.

Denture Scanning Best Practices

Before moving forward, please ensure you review our Complete Denture Scanning Best Practices. Specific best practices that apply to this workflow are:

  • Use an instrument to make markings on the posterior portion of the wax rim to create visual reference points by which the scanner can align images.
    • We recommend generously marking up the surface with big Xs or the letters of the alphabet.
  • Use scan spray to help with glossiness.
  • Avoid completing extraoral scans under bright lights and, if needed, turn off the lights to prevent glares and reflections on the denture.
    • The scanner has its own light and is designed to work in dark places (i.e., inside the mouth).
  • Hold the denture or wax bite rim in your hand (rather than laying it on a flat surface.)

The video below will illustrate this technique on a wax rim, but the same technique can be used for an existing denture.

Cameo (wax-side) / Occlusal Scan

  1. Extraorally, turn on the scanner over the occlusal surface of the wax rim / existing denture. Glide the scanner across the entire occlusal surface.
  2. Proceed to scan the entire buccal surface of the wax rim / existing denture after scanning the occlusal surface.
  3. Proceed to scan the entire lingual surface of the wax rim / existing denture.
  4. Bring the scanner to sites #8 and #9 to scan the rest of the palatal region. Sweep the scanner back and forth, capturing the palatal region. Continue until reaching the posterior border of the appliance. 
  5. Turn off the scanner. This allows the image to be processed.

Boarder Scan

  • Turn on the scanner over the buccal surface. Slowly roll the scanner over the border towards the intaglio surface. Perform this rolling motion from the buccal-to-intaglio border to capture the entire circumference of the wax rim / existing denture's border.

Intaglio Scan

  • Capture the entire region, including the flange, ridge, and palatal region (for maxillary appliances) of the intaglio surface.
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