Correcting an Improperly Seated Scan Body

Scan body placement is a critical step in the implant scanning workflow. It sets your case up for success because it provides our software with the exact location of the implant fixture, its timing, and its relationship to the surrounding dentition. 

What could be causing my scan bodies to seat improperly?

  • Contacting adjacent teeth or scan body
  • Soft tissue impingement 
  • Improperly angled

Tooth or Scan Body Contact

If a scan body will not seat properly due to interference from adjacent dentition, or another  scan body, follow these steps: 

  1. First try rotating the scan body to align the narrowest aspect of the scan body with the surface, making contact.
  2. If contact is still preventing the scan body from seating properly, a slight adjustment might be needed. Locate where the scan body is making contact, and slightly adjust the scan body in this area. Then, try seating the scan body again.
  3. If the floss does not pass freely, further adjusting will be needed. Once it appears the scan body is seated, tighten the scan body screw and make sure a piece of floss can easily pass through this area.
  4. Once floss passes freely, it will give assurance that there is no contact that would prevent the scan body from fully seating.
  5. At least 3⁄4 of the top surface and the vast majority of the lower portion of the scan body should be remaining.
  6. With the screw tightened, take an X-ray. Verify that the scan body is seated properly and fully into the implant. This X-ray should be sent along with the case as normal protocol.

Soft Tissue Impingement

If a scan body will not seat properly due to soft tissue impingement, try the following: 

  • Replacing the healing cap until the tissue responds.

Improper Angle 

The scan body screw should drive passively. If you feel any resistance and notice the scan body will not seat properly, try the following:

  • Unscrewing the scan body, change the angulation, and replace it correctly. 
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