What Shade Guide Should I Use?

Dandy’s Preferred Shade Guide

Dandy’s preferred shade guide is the Vita Classical

Ivoclar Vivadent Bleach Shade Guide: This is for patients whose teeth are whiter than those of the Vita Classical shade guide.

For stump shades, we recommend the Ivoclar Natural Die.

Why the Vita Classical Shade Guide?

  1. All pucks are manufactured in alignment with the Classical shades, which means the shade that the Doctor selects is exactly the shade that it is milled from
    • For the Vita 3D Master shade guide and other shade systems, there is a shade conversation process in Classical, which adds another layer of complexity to getting the right shade!
  2. We have observed that when Doctors use the Vita 3D Master shade guide, they are 20% more likely to change their mind about the shade and request a different shade after the first order is delivered (shade refab)
    • For doctors who feel strongly about using the Vita 3D Master shade guide, we are happy to take their order either way, but we have noticed this trend.

For more information, please see the How to Effectively Capture Shade article.

You can purchase a Vita Classical shade guide and other practice materials from the Dandy Shop anytime!

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