Portal Quick Order Actions

How to use Quick order actions in Portal

Quick Order Actions are located in the bottom right corner of every order in the practice portal.

This consolidates all order actions in the practice portal into one area for simplicity

  • “Refabricate order” starts the refab workflow
  • “Contact support” starts a live conversion with Dandy support


Navigate to and click “Edit or add order information” for more options

  • "Leave a note" opens the option to leave a non-live note that Dandy will process when ready

    • You will this window where you can leave your note:

  • Easily send photos and files to Dandy using the "Attach photo or file" option

    • You can use the QR code to upload photos and files from your phone or upload them directly from your computer

    • Label each individual photo and file using the following options:
      • Shade picture
      • Pre-Op picture
      • X-ray
      • Surgical report
      • Scan
      • Other

  • Using “Edit Items”, will allow you to directly make changes to your order after submission without Dandy’s help!

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